How To: Install Hannah Montana & HSM fonts in Windows XP

Install Hannah Montana & HSM fonts in Windows XP

In this tutorial, learn how to install superstar fonts like those used for Hannah Montana and High School Musical in Windows XP.

Both of these Disney movies use very cool fonts, and now you, too, can use them for projects made on your PC. If you are making a project, banner, ad or website and wish to sparkle like a Disney star, check out this video for information on how to install these fonts.

Step 1:
Download the fonts from the links below and save the compressed folders to your desktop.

Step 2:
Doble click on the file to open it. Tip: Make sure it is in a smaller window and doesn't take up your whole screen.

Step 3:
Drag and drop the contents of the file to your desktop with your mouse.

Step 4:
Click the Start Menu->Control Panel. Select the option on the left hand sidebar that says "switch to classic view". Now, double click the folder labeled "Fonts" and make sure the folder opens, but is not maximized.

Step 5:
Select your fonts from the desktop by drawing a box around them with the mouse. Drag them into the fonts folder. The fonts should now install. You can delete the font files from your desktop once they are installed.

Step 6:
Open your Word Processor and enjoy!

*Hannah Montana fonts
*High School Musical fonts

For a Mac:
*High School Musical fonts for Macs

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