How To: Install Linux from Windows

Install Linux from Windows

In this video the author shows how to install Linux OS from Windows. He inserts the Linux installation CD and reboots the system showing how to enter the BIOS settings. Now he shows how to set the primary boot device to CD drive and when he restarts the computer the Kubuntu Linux CD is booted and now you can start installing the Linux OS on your system. He goes on and shows all the basic features of the Kubuntu Linux OS. Now he starts the installation process and shows how to set all the basic regional, language and keyboard settings. He further shows how to select a partition to install the Linux OS. He guides you thorough the rest of the installation process and after restart now you can select the Linux OS while booting and finally use the Linux. So if you are looking for a tutorial on how to install a Linux OS, this video will help you a lot.

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