How To: Install Microsoft Office 2008 on your Macbook Pro

Install Microsoft Office 2008 on your Macbook Pro

This video from TechFusionVids presents how to install Microsoft Office 2008 on Macbook Pro.All installation process takes about 5 minutes. Insert Microsoft Office 2008 installation disk, double click on the installer icon when Office installation window opens.Click Continue two times, agree to software license agreement, type your name and name of your computer, click Continue again.Window opens saying you should close all running applications before starting further installation.Once it's done click Continue installation. New window opens saying all installation will take 1.1 GB disk space, click Install and wait for about 4-5 minutes.After the installation, installer will check and remove any other versions of Office.After that you will be able to create your Office identity.Then from Getting Started window you can Learn More, Register or Check for Updates.You can set checking for updates manually or automatically by a schedule.If an update is found you should quit all Office applications except update installer. Then press Install.Once all the updates are downloaded and installed you can use Office applications again.

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