How To: Install SmillaEnlarger on Ubuntu Linux

Install SmillaEnlarger on Ubuntu Linux

Ever hear of SmillaEnlarger? It's a small graphical tool (based on QT) to resize, especially magnify bitmaps in high quality. Check out this video tutorial on how to back up and restore data easily on Ubuntu Linux.

Hundreds of different solutions exist to reduce the resolution of photos. These solutions are available as software programs but also online services. Quality is usually not an issue when reducing the resolution of a photo. It does becomes problematic on the other hand to find a solid computer program to enlarge photos. Enlarging photos meaning to increase the resolution of the photo so that it becomes available in a higher resolution. This can be very useful in situations where low resolution photos have been created by a digital camera or cell phone.

Smilla Enlarger is a portable software program that can be used to enlarge photos. The results depend on the resolution and quality of the source photo and the resolution increase entered by the user. They do look pretty good on average though making Smilla Enlarger one of the few valid one-click solutions to enlarge photos.

Installation Notes:

Step 1: sudo apt-get install qt4-qmake libqt4-dev

Step 2: Download the zip Archive and browse to the folder on terminal.

Step 3: Before starting the compilation process copy all those header files to the root folder (watch the tutorial).

Step 3: qmake

step 4: Follow the rest of the video.

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