How To: Install Snow Leopard

Install Snow Leopard

This video tutorial from SoldierKnowsBest presents how to install Snow Leopard operating system on your Mac computer.

First, you need to backup any useful data you have on your computer because it may be lost during the installation.

29 $ upgrade version allows you to upgrade one PC and 49 $ Family Pack version allows to upgrade up to 5 computers.

The presenter in this tutorial uses Family Pack version installation DVD.

Insert installation disk into disk drive.

You can do clean install or upgrade from previous Mac OS version.

Once installer window opens double-click install Mac OS X icon.

Click Continue, agree to the licence agreement, then click Install button.

Before that you can view installation details by clicking Show all disks.

Click OK. The installation process will start.

This could take about 45 minutes, depending on your hardware configuration.

After some reboots the installation is completeand a Thank You window will appear indicating that you can now use your new operating system.

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