How To: Install software on Linux

Install software on Linux

Finding Linux hard to handle after using Windows? Well this should help, here is how to install software on Linux. Start off by clicking on application launcher. Here go into applications, then into 'system' where you should find software management. In this program go straight into the settings and then edit software sources. Under 'downloadable from internet' make sure every option has a check against it. Now press the software management tab on the side. Now this is where you can get whichever software you require. On the side here is a drop-down list of filters, if you select one it refresh the list to show all the items from that category. There is also a search bar if you prefer that. After choosing what you want press the '+' button in front of it and press apply. That is all there is to it, no going to the site and searching, extremely simple. Now if you want to install something using the command line interface that works differently. When using the command line interface type in sudo apt-get install (name of software here). This will start downloading the software immediately.

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