How To: Install Ubuntu 8.10 to dual-boot on Windows

Install Ubuntu 8.10 to dual-boot on Windows

In this how-to video, you will learn how to create a dual-booting system with Ubuntu and Windows. First, go to the Ubuntu website and download the latest Desktop Edition of Ubuntu. Once it is finished, burn the download to a CD. Once this is completed, place the CD in the drive and restart. Boot using the CD and select English. Now, click forward and select your time zone. Click forward, select your keyboard type and click forward again. Now, you can adjust the partition sizes for your hard drives. Click forward and fill in the information required. The next window allows you to import documents and settings from your original operating system. The next window shows your current settings. Click install to complete the operating system installation. Once it is done, you will have to restart the computer. Eject the CD, and select the Ubuntu operating system at start up. Log in and select package manager once you get to the desktop. Update your package list to complete the setup. Restart the computer once more and select Ubuntu again. Log in and go back to package manager. You can choose other software you need to download. Viewing this video will teach you how to safely add another operating system to your computer.

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