How To: Install Windows 7 Vista with a USB flash drive

Install Windows 7 Vista with a USB flash drive

New to Windows? No problem... here's a beginner's video tutorial that will teach you how to install Windows 7 Visa with a USB flash drive. See how to take the Windows ISO and put it on a USB flash drive for fast and easy installation.

The first thing you are going to want to do is get the Windows 7 ISO. Microsoft is no longer offering it from their website, but there are a lot of other places you can get it at. Also, if you have a Windows 7 DVD, this guide will work with it as well. After you have the Windows 7 ISO, you need to either burn it to a DVD or mount it. In the video, it's mounted using Daemon Tools. Once it is mounted, make sure you remember the drive letter.

Next we want to prepare our flash drive. The Windows 7 ISO is about 2.5GB, so you will need a flash drive at least 4GB in size. Once you have your flash drive, plug it into your computer and also make sure you remember the drive number. Now open up command prompt and type: diskpart

This will open up a new command window. Follow the onscreen instructions, and follow the video!

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