How To: Install Windows XP on a Mac using VMware Fusion

Install Windows XP on a Mac using VMware Fusion

Not in love with your new Mac but don't want to give it away and lose a thousand bucks? You're in luck.
If you recently converted to a Mac and are really missing Windows, there is an easy way to install XP on your new Apple.
So, if for some reason you would like to use Windows on an Apple, follow along with this tutorial and find out exactly how to do so. In this video, you will learn how to install Windows XP using VMware Fusion, which you can download online.
So, kiss OS X goodbye and start downloading, you are only a few minutes away from becoming a "PC" again.


VMWareFusion download link

Note: When downloading VMWareFusion, remember the file extension of all 4 files must be .001, .002, etc. and not .zip. (Safari will automatically add .zip so remember to remove it)

Serial Numbers:

Windows XP:
Windows XP download link

Product Key/Serial Numbers:

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