How To: Install Windows XP-Windows 7 via WinToFlash program

Install Windows XP-Windows 7 via WinToFlash program

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Windows XP or Windows 7 onto a Netbook using the WinToFlash program.

Netbooks are awesome new tools, they are as convenient as a cell phone and as useful as a whole computer; however, they often don't come with CD-Rom or Disc drives which can make installing programs difficult.

If you are having this problem, check out this video for all the facts on installing Windows without a CD. This informational clip will show you a very easy way to install any version of Windows on any PC computer that is missing a CD/DVD drive.

*Make sure you set your computer to 'boot' from the USB drive in the BIOS.
-You can also choose "Boot from USB" in your boot menu.
*Boot from USB every time you use the computer until you see the Windows Desktop.

You can download WinToFlash here.

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