How To: Introducing Bakari Chavanu, WonderHowTo's New Resident Mac Geek

Introducing Bakari Chavanu, WonderHowTo's New Resident Mac Geek

Introducing Bakari Chavanu, WonderHowTo's New Resident Mac GeekPC-only users read no more, this announcement is for those who embrace all-devices-Apple.

Are you interested in fully optimizing the use of your iPhone, Macbook or iPad? Are you looking to go paperless, find the best apps for all your iDevices, or easily automate your daily activities online? Are you interested in upgrading to more advanced keyboard shortcuts?

Introducing Bakari Chavanu, our new resident Mac Geek. In the weeks to come, all of the above topics will be explained and more. Bakari will be contributing ongoing weekly tutorials from his Mac How-To World, an open forum for Q&A, topic suggestions, and all things Mac How-To.

Bakari is a professional technical writer and digital photography expert who writes software and hardware tutorials to many great sites, including, O'Reilly Media's Inside, and He is also the author of two PDF publications, Make Use of Guide to Digital Photography and The Awesome Automation Guide for Mac OS X.

You can also check out Bakari's personal blog Mac Automation Tips, which features how-to videos on Mac automation software.

If you have any suggestions for Mac-related tutorials or would like to keep up with Bakari's upcoming How-To's, join his Mac How-To World.

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if someone scan tell me how to remove one of the mail accounts off my imail I would be happy for a start , I keep getting double emails

I'm not sure about double emails, but if you're referring to Mail on Macs, you can delete linked email accounts by going to Preferences, then Accounts, and then clicking on the one you want to delete and press the "-" sign to remove.

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