How To: Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Keep Your PC Running Smoothly


This is one of the things I am asked the most and there are so many different answers. It is hard to just tell you without know your computer's current speed or what type of hardware it has. So here I will talk about how to speed up a slow computer and how to keep your computer running fast.

Tip - Hardware

This is the most important thing to look in to when it comes to your computer speed. For an all right computer you will want at least 1 GB of RAM and a duo core processor 2.0ghz. If you have less than that, your computer will be generally slow when trying to do more than one thing at once or trying to run bigger programs such as  Adobe Photoshop.

Speed Up Your PC

Step 1 Do a simple clean up.

Go though your computer's documents, photos, videos, and other files. Delete any files you don't need or will never use.

Step 2 Uninstall unneeded or unwanted software.

  1. Go to Start>Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a Program.
  2. Find all the software programs you never use, or don't need, and uninstall them.

How to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Step 3 Clean tracking items with CCleaner.

  1. Download CCleaner.
  2. Install, and run CCleaner.
  3. Open CCleaner. Go to the Cleaner area and check all the boxes you want to clean. It's recommended that you don't touch the stuff in the Advanced area unless you know what you are doing.
  4. Click "Run Cleaner", which will do everything for you. It will delete all the files you no longer need, such as the ones in your history, your cookies, and others. If you use auto-logins for websites you may have to sign back in again.

How to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Step 4 Run the Registry Cleaner.

  1. In CCleaner, go to the Registry tab.
  2. Click Scan for Issues. This may take some time.
  3. When scan is finished, click on Fix Selected Issues. Back up your Registry if you would like to do so.

How to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Step 5 Defrag your computer.

  1. Go to My Computer.
  2. Right-click on your Hard Drive and click on Properties.
  3. Go to Tools>Defragment Now.
  4. Click Defragment Disk.

How to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

So these are my tips on how to make your computer a bit faster. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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