How To: Lock drive letters on your PC

Lock drive letters on your PC

Mike Agerbo, the host from GetConnected features a quick and helpful video on how to lock drive letters on a PC. On your PC, right click the my computer icon to bring up the management window. Click on storage, then disk management. Once it brings up your list of hard drives, right click the one that you would like to change. Click change drive letter and path. Once you have the window open you can change your drive letter. This will help you when organizing your drive to limit any complications that can occur.

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Um, I'm sorry, but this is not true. At least the "locking" of the drive-letters. This only shows how to change the drive-letters, which I already knew how to do. My problem is that sometimes, when I disconnect a drive, that was assigned the letter G: for example (or leave it turned off cause it's not needed) and another drive is turned on, it will often automatically assign that letter (G:) to that other drive instead, even though it's a completely different disk. Is there no way to ACTUALLY lock down letters? Cause this is really annoying. I've had this problem forever and I have quite some external drives.

Which is another thing actually, the internal drives never lose their letters, but that's probably because they always turn on at startup. Well, to be honest, one drive that doesn't have a switch on it, but an automatic on/off-mechanism, also always keeps its letters. And strangely the external ODD as well, but same principle I guess.

I just can't stand that the drive-letters change, even though I've assigned them myself, without getting prompted or telling the system to do so. Every time I want to turn on a disk for music for example, or the disk for backups, I have to go into the management and change a bunch of letters around before it can all function properly. Nonsense...

You can use BitLocker to encrypt the drive if you are on Win 7 Ultimate or Enterprise; or use third party software such as Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption to lock and hide the drive letters with password.

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