How To: Make a bootable USB installer for Windows XP/Vista/7

Make a bootable USB installer for Windows XP/Vista/7

This is a how to video to prepare a bootable USB installer for windows 7/XP using wintoflash. Here are the steps to do.

1) Download WinTo Flash from The wintoflash come in a zip file.

2) Plug ion the pendrive into the USB port.

3) Extract the contents of to a folder on your desktop.

4) Open the folder wintoflash and click the Wintoflash.exe

5) Wintoflash always starts with wizard.

6) Continue the steps mentioned in the wizard. Click next.

7) Insert the windows 7 installer DVD into the drive. Specify the location of the drive by typing selecting the button “Select” under windows files path.

8) Specify the drive letter for USB letter by selecting the “select” button under “USB Drive” option. Click Next.

9) Windows license agreement pops up. Click ok to continue. The wintoflash program will transfer all the contents from the Windows installer DVD to USB drive. Click finish once done.

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