How To: Make it easier to see the cursor in Windows 7

Make it easier to see the cursor in Windows 7

Windows 7 uses several options to make it easier to change and locate the cursor on the screen.

1) To access these options select “Start” then click on “Control panel“from the menu.

2) Click on the “Ease of access” option.

3) Select the “Change how your mouse works“.

4) This lets us to select different mouse pointers of our choice.

5) Select a cursor of your choice and click “Apply” button and click “Ok”.

6) Additional features can be accessed by clicking “Mouse setting” option for the same window.

7) Click on “Pointer options” tab. To enable pointer trails click “Display pointer trails” checkbox under Pointer options > Visibility options. This will show the trails of pointer on the screen to locate the movement of the cursor.

8) To show the location of the pointer enable the check box available under Visibility > “Show location of pointer when I press the ctrl key”.

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