How To: Make Windows 7 look & feel like Mac OSX

Make Windows 7 look & feel like Mac OSX

So you bought a PC and now you want a Mac... You don't necessarily have to shell out the couple thousand bucks it takes to buy a new Mac. In this tutorial, learn how to make your Windows 7 operating system look & feel like a Mac OSX operating system. To complete this tutorial, follow these steps:

1) Download Rk Launcher (a dock like a Mac) from Save the file in your desktop, extract it, look for (rklauncher.exe), run & install it.

2) Mac theme for Windows 7
Extract & paste it in

In order to use this theme, you must first patch you system using this patcher.
(To learn how to use this patcher, click here.)
Download & install it, then restart the system.

3) Get the Mac wallpaper

You can Google for other Mac sounds, cursors, icons.

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