How To: Make your Vista look like a Mac Os X

Make your Vista look like a Mac Os X

This video tutorial shows you how to make your Vista look like Mac Os X

To make Windows Vista look like a Mac Os X using Vista Glazz Application:
* Open a internet browser using any search engine, then download the Vista Glazz application.
* Install it and in the start menu select the Vista Glazz application. Wait for a moment and a small window will appear.
* In the Vista Glazz application window, click on the icon that shows Windows Aero style.
* There is no need to restart Windows.
* Open My Computer and double click on the drive that contains Windows.
* Open Windows folder and inside that folder open Resources folder, and then open Themes.
* In the Themes folder, double click on the VistaOSx09 and copy the VistaOSx09 Windows Visual style file.
* Go back to Themes folder and paste the copied file.
* Double click on the pasted file VistaOSx09 Windows Visual style file.
* Appearance settings window will appear and in that window, select Windows Aero and click apply.
* Wait for a moment and the Vista appearance changes to Mac Os X.
* The wallpaper can be changed by selecting Leo image file in Vista OsX09 folder in the Themes folder.

If you follow these steps, Vista appearance can be changed to Mac Os X.

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