How To: Map an FTP server in Windows 7 Explorer

Map an FTP server in Windows 7 Explorer

To do that click on tools in windows explorer and choose map network drive. Now click on "connect to a web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures" and then click on next and next. Now you have to type your internet or network address for example you type This is a public server and it does not require a user name or password. Now click on next and there make sure you selected "log on anonymously" but if your server require a password then you have to uncheck that and type your password and then click on next. Now you can type your network's name and click next and then finish. Now this address will be located at your windows explorer and you can browse it from there. If you want to delete it, you just have to right click on it and delete. But you have to download any file before you can edit it and after editing you have to upload it back.

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