How To: Navigate within Ubuntu Linux

Navigate within Ubuntu Linux

New to Ubuntu Linux and having a hard time getting around? This Ubuntu Linux video tutorial offers instructions for finding files and folders on your Ubuntu desktop. You'll find navigating Ubuntu Linux is simple once you figure out where to find all of your applications. Get started with this helpful clip!

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This is stupid! It's the same as Windows, just the menu on top. Plus it looks like its made for retards.

Windows = Expensive, prone to millions of viruses, user friendly
Ubuntu = Free, Absolutely no virus, may not be user friendly for idiots like a user named 4uidrum.

See your technology is so lame it took you 7 months to reply to my message. Use Windows dumbass, there is a reason why billions of people use Windows. Get a clue.

Wow either this is outdated or someone is confusing Ubuntu with some other Linux-based OS. But if this is outdated, man, Ubuntu really has changed the layout in 2 years.
Also, Windows 8 loooks like its made for retards. :)

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