How To: Open .iso files on your PC using Daemon tools program

Open .iso files on your PC using Daemon tools program

Have you downloaded a file with the extension .ISO and are you unsure what to do with it? Follow the step-by-step instructions in this video to learn how to deal with this file-type.
You can either choose to burn the ISO-file on the disk or you can open it with a program called DAEMON TOOLS LITE, to be downloaded here: Daemon Tools downloads. This program will make your computer think your ISO-file is actually on a disk. After downloading and installing DAEMON TOOLS LITE you need to open it to get a small icon with a lightning bolt on the bottom bar of your screen. Click on this icon and select a drive to mount your ISO-file, which you can browse for in the new window that pops up. And that's it! You can now open ISO-files without burning them on CD/DVD first.

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