How To: Optimize your RAM on a Windows XP PC

Optimize your RAM on a Windows XP PC

1. Open Web Browser and go to and type crucial memory mechanic and press enter.

2. Click the first result found on the search page( i.e., lolo memory mechanic)

3. In the new diverted website (, click on Download lolo memory Mechanic and click the Save button on the pop up box.

4. After the download gets finished, you can close the web browser. Install lolo memory mechanic Software.

5. Open lolo memory mechanic (Software), and click on Optimize (Button)

6. You will be able to see an Analysis Graph on the next page when you click on Optimize, Click next to start memory defragmentation.

7. The defragmentation will take couple of minutes.

8. After the defragmentation process gets completed, click on exit.

9. For a successful defragmentation process you should restart your computer at once.

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