How To: Password protect and hide files and folders in Windows

Password protect and hide files and folders in Windows

How to password protect a folder and make files invisible in Windows XP.

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effective and simple



Damn Easy But I wanna 2 know to delete the Hidden folder

after i zip the folder, i went to file but there's no "password" option in it.

probably because you clicked the original folder and not the zipped folder you sack of #$%@


cool but u can just go to properties and make the file hidden there by checking the box that says make hidden A-

can you help me with windows 7?? renaming of file with that command is not working for 7.. plz help..

good vid but should of should how to access it when its invisible?

its not working to hide the name...i have XP and chrome if it helps.

I M trying to hide the folder name as explains but nothing happen when type 0160 while holding ALT. I use OS Window7

I use winsesame and it's OK

This solution can only hide files on computer, but for more important files, it's not secure. It's better to use a specific file password protection to protect important and sensitive files with passwords.

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