How To: Password protect files in Mac OS

Password protect files in Mac OS

Gary Rosenzweig from MacMost looks at one method to protect a set of files with a password on a Mac. It involves using Disk Utility to create an encrypted disk image.

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Great idea, but what if a person gets on my laptop, and erase this test file? The this al process seems useless? How can I protect this TEST file from deleting? Like when a person move the TEST file to the trash it will require a password or something. How do I do that?

well actually if you go APPLE + i (command + i ) while selecting the file (In this case the "test" file) you can have its properties kinda. then Select Lock (its like a check box)... Mind you I am just getting my new MacBook and I have been using vista for several months, but im 99.9% sure thats how I did it.... This idea is pretty good, Although it would b nice if there was just a simple way to enable a folder to require a password (Or username & Password) in order to open and see content.... But i guess until that is there, Ill use this .dmg (disk image) idea.
Hope that first bit helped epunster! :D

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