How To: Pin programs to the task bar & start menu in Windows 7

Pin programs to the task bar & start menu in Windows 7

Windows 7 has an interesting new feature by which you can pin your programs to the task bar and this video shows you how to do it. In Windows 7 if you have any frequently used program you can improve its ease of access by pinning it to the task bar. Now to do this first open the start menu, go to the programs, and now browse to any program and right click it. From that menu select the Pin to task bar option. When you do this the program icon will appear on the task bar. Now the program is pinned to that task bar. Now if you click on that icon in the task bar, it will launch that program. This greatly improves the ease of access to the frequently used programs. Similarly you can also pin the programs to the start menu by selecting the appropriate option in the same menu. This video shows how to pin a program to the task bar and start menu in Windows 7.

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