How To: Quickly set up Homegroups in Windows 7

Quickly set up Homegroups in Windows 7

This video tutorial from pctechbytes presents how to quickly set up Homegroups in Microsoft Windows 7.This feature allows to easily share files between computers with Windows 7 operating system.Press Start button, select My Computer option. In the newly opened window select Homegroup from the list to the left. Select View Homegroup Settings link.In this window you can choose what types of documents you want to share with other Windows 7 operating system users.You can share pictures, documents, music, printers, videos.Then from Other homegroup actions select Change the password option, because you need to select the password for your new homegroup.Once you set up your homegroup, you will always need to enter password before using it.Now you will be able to quickly share files between Windows 7 computers.Voila!

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