How To: Recover deleted files and lost data with PC Inspector

Recover deleted files and lost data with PC Inspector

In this data recovery tutorial the instructor shows how to recover deleted files and lost data using a free software called PC Inspector. On your computer you may loose data sometimes due to a corrupted hard drive, or because you deleted it accidentally or some other reason. Now some times you will need to recover that important data and it will cost you hundreds of dollars to get it done outside by the professionals. Now you can avoid this and use a free software called PC inspector and recover the data your self. Go to the snap files website shown in the video and download the software PC Inspector File Recovery. This is a freeware which means you don't have to pay any thing to use it. After downloading it run the program by clicking it. Now it will prompt you for basic settings like choosing your language. After these settings you are provided with a lot of options on the data recovery and by running them you can recover your lost data. This video shows how to recover lost data using the freeware PC Inspector File Recovery.

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