How To: Recover deleted files in Windows

Recover deleted files in Windows

This video tutorial is all about recovering the deleted files in Windows Vista. If you are using the Windows Vista and you have unknowingly deleted a file and emptied the recycle bin, then you can recover it. This can be done by using the Shadow Explorer. Shadow Explorer is a Vista program that accesses the Vista Volume Shadow Copy Service. In Vista, the shadow copy service is turned on by default. It creates backups of files on a regular basis. Shadow Explorer provides access to these backup files. The Shadow Explorer software can be downloaded for free from the site This allows you to select a particular date and look for the files which were on your computer at that time. If any of those files are not there currently on your computer, then it can be copied to the active disk directories.

Thus, this video tutorial helps the viewer to recover any deleted files in his/her computer. Unknowingly deleting files from the computer and recycle bin is a common thing. But now after watching this video tutorial, the viewer can recover those deleted files very easily.

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