How To: Recover files on your PC after reformat

Recover files on your PC after reformat

Sometimes data is lost on your hard drive by accidental deletion from recycle bin, or due to reformat or other reasons. In this video the instructor shows how to recover data even after a reformat. Contrary to popular belief that data is completely lost after a permanent deletion or reformat, it is possible to retrieve the lost data using some tools. It is only that windows cannot locate the data after deletion which is still present in the lower levels of you hard disk and to retrieve this you will need third party software. It is important to know that the deleted data is present only temporarily and can be easily overwritten by some new data, so one must recover it immediately before making any changes to the hard drive. Go to the website:
[]. In the website there is an application called "Data Recovery Pro" which can be downloaded for free and used to retrieve your lost data as shown in this video. This video shows how to recover files after reformat using the "Data Recovery Pro" software.

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