How To: Remove Advanced Virus Remover spyware from your computer

Remove Advanced Virus Remover spyware from your computer

Spyware are programs that infect your system and / or at the same time collect personal information without your consent.

Advanced virus remover disguises itself as a legitimate virus removal tool, but in reality, it is itself a virus. Watch this video to learn how to disinfect your PC if its infected with this virus. It disables access to the Task Manager as well as the Registry Editor.

The software needed are:

1) Spyware Doctor with Antivirus: Which actually detects the various traces of the virus (like registry entries, files etc.)

2) Smithfraudfix: Which when used in safe mode, disinfects the host file and enables the use of the Task Manager and the Registry Editor.

3) Kill Process: It terminates the spyware program's running process.

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