How To: Remove AntiVirus 1 with SpyHunter

Remove AntiVirus 1 with SpyHunter
Having problems with your anti-virus software on Windows?

See how to remove Anti-Virus-1 with SpyHunter. The Anti-Virus-1 program is a malicious antivirus program that could cripple your Windows PC, so don't take any chances. Remove it.

Anti-Virus-1 is a rogue anti-spyware program similar to Antivirus 2010. Anti-Virus-1 may have been installed by a Trojan known as Zlob or Vundo. Zlob and Vundo Trojans infect users without their knowledge and permission and will attempt to scare or trick the user into buying the full Anti-Virus-1 version of the program. Take a look at "How Anti-Virus-1 Infects Your Computer" video and learn how to remove rogue anti-spyware program Anti-Virus-1.

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