How To: Remove the fake virus protector Personal Antivirus

Remove the fake virus protector Personal Antivirus

Having problems with your anti-virus software on Windows?

Learn how to remove the fake virus protector Personal Antivirus! Personal Anti-Virus is NOT a legitimate anit-virus software and will use spyware to steal info from your computer. Personal Anti-Virus is hard to get rid of and is totally annoying. To get rid of it, you don't have to download anything.


1. My Computer
2. Local Disk C:/
3. Program Files
4. Common Files
5. Un-Install
6. Personal Antivirus Folder
7. Double Click Uninstall
8. Done!


2. Keep it there and go to Local Disk C:/programfiles/(the name of the fake antivirus folder)
3. Look for uninstall button and click it (if none, skip to next step)
4. Task Manager and go to Processes
5. Look for the name of the program on your fake antivirus folder... it should be there... for a certain fake, it will be sb.exe cause thats the name of the program
6. After you find it, press End Process and hurry and go back to your program files and delete all files in the folder FAST before it starts to run again
7. After you deleted the files, there should be nothing in the folder... just go one page back and delete the folder
8. Go to the Recycle Bin and Delete the Files

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