How To: Remove Ubuntu and the GRUB Loader

Remove Ubuntu and the GRUB Loader

This video illustrates the method of Removing Ubuntu Linux installation and the GRUB Loader. The process is composed of the following steps -Step 1Insert the Ubuntu Linux Live CD. Boot from CD and select the install option.Step 2Click on install button and wait until the next screen appears. Now , you would be presented with two options that would enable to either "Uninstall Ubuntu" or "Install it again".Step 3Choose the Uninstall option and check the Remove GRUB loader option. Also check the option that says "Remove user accounts and delete Linux partition"Step 4Wait for setup to completely remove the Ubuntu files and the GRUB loader. After it is done , you would be presented with a window detailing the report and your PC would reboot in ten seconds. The next time your computer boots , you would directly be taken to the Windows Boot Manager and not to the GRUB loader. That's it.

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I restore my Vista Boot Loader thru Acronis since I have a backup copy. But this method looks much easier if you don't have a spare drive.

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