How To: Resize text and use the "magnifier" in Windows 7

Resize text and use the "magnifier" in Windows 7

In this video the tutor demonstrates the magnifier tool of Microsoft Windows 7. If the size of text is very small on your screen and you are facing difficulty reading it you can use the magnifier tool to resize the text to read it clearly. You can change the resolution but this makes the LCD screen look blurry. So to do this go to the Start Menu and select the Magnifier tool. Now there are two buttons with minus and plus symbol on them. Click the plus button to magnify the screen around that area and use the minus button to decrease the magnification. This is a temporary way and the instructor shows how to adjust the font size permanently by changing the settings in the Control Panel. In the Display options you can select a bigger font to read text clearly. This video shows how to resize text in Windows 7 to read it clearly.

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