How To: Restore deleted recycle bin files with Restoration

Restore deleted recycle bin files with Restoration

FireworksTutorial shows you how to restore your recycle bin files that you've already deleted. Go to Google and search "Restoration." Click on the first link that pops up from the list (the one from Snapfiles that's free) and download it. Once it's downloaded, run it and unzip it to somewhere you can easily access. Organize it by creating a new folder and putting the files into the folder. Double-click on the application Restoration with the trash can icon to load up the program (If you're on Vista, right-click "Run as Administrator"). Search the desired drive for deleted files (usually the C Drive), clicking the desired available options. If you want to restore a file, click on the file and then click "Restore by Copying." If there's nothing you need on the list, you can click "Others" and "Delete Completely" to delete the clusters (clears some space but takes some time). There is no installation needed, so FireworksTutorial thinks it's fast, easy, and takes up little space. Following this simple step by step tutorial, you can restore all those files you accidentally deleted!

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