How To: Restore files in Windows using Data Recovery Wizard

Restore files in Windows using Data Recovery Wizard

In this video the instructor shows how to restore lost data. When you delete your files you can restore them from the recycle bin. But if a hard drive is formatted all the data is lost and you can not even recover it from recycle bin. In such cases you will need to use data recovery tools to recover that lost data. In this video the instructor uses the Data Recovery Wizard software to recover the data. Start the Data Recovery Wizard. In that there are three options by which you can recover your lost data. They are Deleted File Recovery to recover permanently deleted files, Complete Recover which scans the entire hard drive to recover lost data and Partition Recovery which scans a formatted partition for lost data. This video shows how to recover lost data using Data Recovery Wizard.

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This is really nice of sharing how to video to recover lost data from hard drive. There are number of data recovery tools available, which helps user to get their lost data back. Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery software is also another solution for recovering permanently deleted files from hard disk drives.

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