How To: Restore PC software to factory condition

Restore PC software to factory condition

In this Know Your PC video the instructors show how to perform a recovery on your computer by demonstrating it on the HP TouchSmart PC. This recovery process will work on any HP desktops, HP Pavilions, Compaq Presarios. Your PC might get corrupted if you recently made any changes to it or installed software that contained viruses and many other reasons. In such cases the best thing to do is perform a system recovery. Recovery will help you take your computer right back to the way it was out of the box. Go to My Computer and in there you can find a drive that says Factory Partition. This is a partition on your hard drive that contains the data to recover your computer. In case you might be worried that even this data might corrupt you can create your recovery disks. Now the instructors show how to perform a system recover by using the factory image present on this drive. This video shows how to perform a system recovery to factory condition.

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