How To: Restore your PC to factory settings by rebooting

Restore your PC to factory settings by rebooting

Greg French talks to us about the different ways to reboot a computer to resolve issues in the computer. The first way is by pressing F8 key while startup after rebooting the system. When you insert a wrong driver for video card or something, sometimes when you boot the computer, it gives a black screen. Now he says you can resolve this problem by rebooting the computer and pressing the F8 key while startup. This will take you to a menu selection where you should select 'Safe Mode' and hit enter key. This starts the computer in safe mode and if you can notice there is safe mode written in each one of the corners. Then you can enter the device manager and remove the drive that caused the problem and then reboot the computer that will take you to the normal operating system. The next way is to press the F12 key while startup in some IBM computers and by inserting the restore CD before rebooting in some other computers. These two methods will create an image of the hard disk and restore your computer to factory settings that means you will loose the programs and data on your computer. You will spend more time in getting your computer to its original configuration. Next he talks about the way to reboot the computer to an optimum configuration that has all your installed programs, security updates and does not delete any of your saved files which is ideal and can save you a lot of time. There are several programs available to accomplish this computer restore like 'Norton Ghost Imaging Software' which he says he likes, the next is 'Acronis True Image Software' and also another open source program called 'Partimage Open Source Software' which he says is fast and is a clone of Norton Ghost. He presents a review on the methods of rebooting the computer to restore it.

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