How To: Run a command prompt as an administrator in Windows Vista or 7

Run a command prompt as an administrator in Windows Vista or 7

In this tutorial, we learn how to run a command prompt as administrator (Vista or 7). First, you will click on the start menu, then search for the term "prompt". Launch the command prompt, then a window will pop up with a black window. Type something in to see if it tells you the operation needs elevation. Now, click the start menu and type in "prompt" again. Then, click on the command link, right click, then click "run as administrator". Now, the new window will pop up that says "administrator" at the top of it. From here you can type in commands without it failing.

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Sir, but these commands works not with all vrersionof win like wise star war is not a supported type with win 7 and one more thing i wanna ask that is they are friendly with any type interface of win of just work with only a sngle interface of any <a href="">command line</a> and if they are suitable with linux os also or just work with windows only ??

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