How To: Run Pwnage tool on Windows & make your own firmware

Run Pwnage tool on Windows & make your own firmware

Learn how to run the PWNAGE tool on your Windows PC by following the steps outlined in this video tutorial. To begin, you will need to download utorrent at You will also need to download three other files, the links of which are listed in this video's description. Once you are done downloading those files, you will need to download and install the VMware Workstation. Once the installation is complete, shut down your computer to make sure the installation is complete. Next, unzip the Mac OSX leopard file that was just downloaded. Then, launch the workstation and select Open Existing VM or Team. With the Mac OSX leopard folder you just unzipped, open it and then select Power to allow the Mac OS to launch. By following the steps in this video tutorial, you will be able to create your own custom firmware.

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