How To: Run Windows inside a Mac OS X

Run Windows inside a Mac OS X

In this how to video, you will learn how to run Windows inside Mac OS X. First, download VMWare Fusion 3. Install the program and run it. Insert your Windows installation disc into your computer. Next, select install this operating system and click continue. Enter your information and continue. Next, you can choose more seamless or isolated. Choose more isolated so that files will not require Windows to open. Click continue and select the hardware settings such as RAM and processing speed. Click save and continue. Once that is done, the operating system will start up. The Windows installation will now start. Fill out the forms and choose your preferences. Once the operating system has finished installing, the VMWare tools will be installed on to Windows. Now you will be able to use Windows while running Mac OS X. You can go full screen while running Windows or choose from different viewing styles.

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