How To: Select different items in Finder in Mac OS

Select different items in Finder in Mac OS

In this video, Gary from MacMost demonstrates how to select items on a Mac computer. He explains that there are different ways of selecting items, both with the mouse and with the keyboard. Click to select a single item, and click an empty space to clear the selection. Hold Command or Shift to add to a selection or remove items from the selected group. Drag around an area to select multiple items, and use Command and drag to add more areas. To select items in a list, click to select a single item, or shift+click to select a contiguous range of items. Command+click to select multiple items from the list. Dragging an area will also select a range from a list. In text editing applications, click and drag to select text, or click twice to select a single word. Click three times to select a paragraph. Hold Command to select multiple areas. Click at the beginning and end of a section to select the entire section, and shift+click again to expand the selection. Option+click to select a rectangular area, and use Command+Option+click for multiple areas. In image editing applications, click and drag to select, and use Option+drag to subtract from the selection or shift+drag to add to the selection. He explains that in most applications, you can also use Command+a to select all the items in a list or group, and some applications have more options for selecting within the Edit menu. The Command, Option and Shift keys work in different ways in different programs, so it's good to experiment with them. This video is very useful for learning new ways to use the select function, even for experienced Mac users.

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