How To: Set environment variables in Windows XP

Set environment variables in Windows XP

This video shows you how to set environment variables in Windows XP. A lot of the older software written for windows requires the use of
environment variables. There are variables set at the system level and programs that run in a DOS window or older programs can access these variables and can be set to whatever you want them set to. It's required by older programs that the environmental variables are set a specific way. To set the environmental variables you
click on the start button, right click on My Computer, Properties, Advanced. And Environment Variables. The TEMP and TMP are temp file folders are still used by a lot of programs and are very important. There are also system variables the are set for the use of window such as windrow which tells you where the windows directory is, where the temp folders are, processor type, and the path. The path is a quick lookup for dll and executable files. You can create new variables by clicking on New and set under the user name which will only be selected
by that user or you can create new variables in the System Variables.

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