How To: Set parental controls for a user ID in Windows 7

Set parental controls for a user ID in Windows 7

In this video the instructor shows how to set parental controls for a user ID account in Windows 7. To do this go to the 'Start Menu' and go to 'Control Panel'. In the Control Panel window select the 'User accounts and Family Safety' link. There is an option called 'Set up parental controls for any user'. Select that link and it opens a window where it asks you to Choose a user and set up parental controls. There you are presented with some user accounts that are currently active on that system. Select any account that you want to apply controls to. Inside there are various settings that you can apply to the account like Time Limits where you can block the user from logging in at particular times on particular days of the week. There are also other options which restrict the use of games or any other general applications. This video shows how to set up parental controls on an account in Windows 7.

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