How To: Set up a Windows 7 HomeGroup network

Set up a Windows 7 HomeGroup network

Want to access files from multiple computers at work or home? An expert from PC Remedies explains how to set up a Home Group network on Windows 7 systems. Includes a how-to of setting up your location, and managing the set-up wizard. Finally maximize your current resources by networking your work and entertainment files, as well as hardware such as printers. The excellent video gives you an exact snapshot of what you can expect to see on your own Windows 7 system. Includes advice on setting up your home entertainment system with a networked Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

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I got computer back from a tech friend.
2 days later my Administrator Password Expired in my default homegroup (1)
I did not make another password .

*I can not do anything without the Administrator pop up asking for password. I can not download,change settings,update Adobe Flash Player,Adobe Reader, well, any of the Adobe updates. nothing.

*I THEN- Created another Homegroup (2) to enable me to work on my computer THINKING I would be able to download in this Homegroup(2).

*NO-I STILL CAN NOT download or change settings Administrator homegroup(1) still ask for password.
*Ihave 2 Homegroups now(Administrator default Homegroup(1) )
(Homegroup (2) )

WHAT this did was enable me into my homegroup(2) without using a password. STILL HAVING THE ORIGINAL DEFAULT HOMEGROUP (1)asking for A PASSWORD.

*NOW IF I WERE TO (cancel this homegroup(2) completly)leaving me with just the original default Administrator Account (1) I think if I were to use the same procedure "HOW TO DELETE PASSWORD IN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT" I then would have full control over account??I WILL TRY THIS EXCEPT-question

QUESTION--How do I cancel out my homegroup(2) completly??? so I will be left with my original default Administator account(1) which ask for password for downloading .


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