How To: Setup Firefox on your Macbook Pro

Setup Firefox on your Macbook Pro

This video shows how to setup the Firefox as your browser for web, on Macbook Pro. First, Open the Safari browser by double-clicking, from the list of Applications. Then, enter the URL of Firefox website, in the URL address field of Safari, to open it. When the website is opened, click the link "Firefox 3, Free download.", which will automatically start downloading. Then when asked to proceed, a message comes, click "Continue". It starts to download Firefox 3. When done, it will open a window to either "Accept" or "Decline". Select "Accept", then it will open-up a window. In here, just pick the Firefox icon and drag into the Applications folder, it will install the Firefox 3 in the Application, by coping necessary files. Then close this window. Then drag the Firefox icon on the desktop, into the trash. Then, go back to the Applications finder to locate the Firefox, and drag it on the Documents menu bar at the bottom of the desktop, to easily open it later. Then, open Firefox from the menu bar, click "Sure" when a message comes. Then, this will open-up the Firefox browser with its home page as default, and your previous settings in your earlier default browser. Then close the applications finder, and proceed with your new Firefox 3 browser to work with.

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