How To: Shrink a Windows Vista partition and install iATKOS

Shrink a Windows Vista partition and install iATKOS

This video presents how to defragment and shrink a Windows Vista partition using Perfect Disk 2008 Professional program.First you need to download and install software application named Perfect Disk 2008.Type Perfect Disk 2008 into Google search engine, choose first link from the list.On the Raxco software home page choose Free Evaluation option from the list to the right.Download and install Perfect Disk 2008 Professional.Once it is installed, run the application. From Menu choose Analyze option.After analysis is completed, bottom display shows all clusters preventing your partition to be properly shrunk.To get rid of these clusters, choose your partition, then from Menu choose Smart Placement, after that click Entire Drive.Application will start analyzing and defragmenting problem clusters. The whole defragmentation process can take about two hours, more or less.After defragmentation is completed, Results window will show all changes and improved statistics. Now you will be able to easily shrink your partition.To shrink a partition click Vista Start orb, enter compmgmt command line.Computer Management window will appear. From the list to the left choose Disk Management option.In new window, choose your partition, right click on it and choose Shrink Volume option.After you've decided how much you want to shrink the volume, click Shrink button.

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