How To: Slipstream Windows installations

Slipstream Windows installations

Gigafide will show you how to slipstream Windows installations. You need to go to Vlite and download the program for Windows Vista. Install and run it. Select install at the main window. Use 7-zip to extract the ISO file. Next, go to that folder and run startcd.exe. You click next, agree to the terms and install it to the Vlite folder. Go to that folder, then Tools - x86 and select the file wimgapi.dll. Copy and paste that into the main Vlite folder. Go to Vlite, select your Windows Vista disc and create a folder to copy all the files to. Wait to finish, click next and then click on all the tick boxes. Click next and enter the product key and user information to create an unattended ISO or DVD for Windows Vista. Burn the image and when you'll install the OS, you'll only get a HDD related question.

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