How To: Speed up your computer by cleaning the fan

Speed up your computer by cleaning the fan

This how-to video is about how to speed up the computer by cleaning the fan.

Actually the air from the computer fan will be circulated outside through the vents which we can see on any side of the computer, as the computer circulates the air through this vent lots of dust present in the atmosphere gets accumulated in the vent resulting in blocking the airflow causing the computer to slow down and also produces more sound and heat. To prevent this take a tooth pick or cocktail stick and use this to clean the vents, use the tooth pick to clean each partition in the vent by slowly inserting the tooth pick in each partition and clean thoroughly until the dust particles are completely removed. After cleaning all the partitions in the vent you can automatically see the computer performing well without any noise.

This video is very simple and tells us how to clean the computer fan accumulated with dust.

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