How To: Switch Between Applications in Windows 8

Switch Between Applications in Windows 8

In this Windows 8 tutorial, I will guide you through the methods I use to switch between applications when in desktop view versus metro interface.

There are a few methods I use, including "alt + tab", using thumbnails in upper left hand corner, and making side bar panel on left show thumbnails. One method not shown is by swiping from the left-hand side of screen and then toward right to make apps switch one at a time via your mouse gestures, assuming your PC supports Windows 8 gestures.

  1. Open up some applications so that we can switch between them.
  2. Follow the guide shown in video for how to switch between applications.

Ask questions if you were not able to follow the tutorial and I will do my best to help you and if necessary I will update description to make sure that the next viewer understands the area you were having problems with.

Do you need help with a specific area in Windows 8? Feel free to ask us to make a tutorial and if we feel we can meet your needs we will make a tutorial for you.

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