How To: Synchronize two folders or backup a folder on Windows

Synchronize two folders or backup a folder on Windows

Video demonstrates how to synchronize two folders on windows without doing much of copy pasting and does the job easily. This is a free wear, "FlagSync".

There is two directories on the desktop, directory A and directory B. In directory A there is a text document and directory B is empty. Steps require are:

1. Take the application
2. Go to the settings, select the job specify both the directories in the space provided.
3. Click Synchronization as the back up mode
4. Go to overview
5. Click Start button. This will automatically copy the source file to the target file and complete the job.

If we copy a file to the B directory now and click on Synchronization and click on Start again it will do the job. We can see that the file is being copied from the source directory to the target directory. This should be done manually. There is no automatic process for this.

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